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Understanding the LGBTQ+ market can be daunting, our team can help outline the steps to a well rounded and thoughtful strategy.

Our team is available for workshops, panel discussions, and keynote addresses on topics surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, marketing, travel, and entrepreneurship.

Our team will systematically analyze and assess all of your brand’s digital content and provide concrete recommendations for LGBTQ+ inclusion, content creation, and product development.

Developing an action plan for local LGBTQ+ community involvement, professional development training, and collaborations with LGBTQ+-affirming nonprofits mitigates the risk of criticism and serves as a public relations opportunity for corporate responsibility.

Market research blends LGBTQ+ consumer behavior and economic trends to inform product development and marketing strategy. Understanding the LGBTQ+ community as a diverse and nuanced group with unique cultures and interests is crucial to an effective marketing campaign.

Creating a comprehensive in-house marketing strategy with both B2B and B2C initiatives. including advertising asset development recommendations, marketing goal recommendations, and analytics tracking.

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Two femme and trans presenting folks looking at a magazine, backlit inside a room.

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with EveryQueer since its inception, and with its founder, Meg Ten Eyck, since 2015. Savvy, articulate, and hardworking, she consistently provides quality consulting work to the IGLTA network in the contemporary language essential to move DEI forward. She is also an informed and engaging speaker and we’ve called on her to moderate/be a panelist at a number of IGLTA global events.

LoAnn Halden

Vice President of Communications, IGLTA

We were thrilled to work with EveryQueer on the content for our Stockholm LGBT Travel Symposium program. EveryQueer provided insights to our audience on how to work better with queer travelers, and led panel discussions on stage with other content creators on how to maximize outreach through digital media. In addition, Everyqueer helped develop content for our website specifically targeting queer women, an in-house expertise that we didn’t have. We found EveryQueer’s live and online content to be unique, compelling, and thoroughly refreshing.

Uwern Jong

International Marketing and Media Director, Stockholm LGBT

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