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Why is Stockholm One of the Best Vacations for Lesbians?

I’ve been to Stockholm a couple of times now and was blown away by the simplistic beauty of the city and the relaxed progressive values of the Swedish people. I was so excited when Stockholm LGBT invited me back to their city after the pandemic that I couldn’t help but hype the city up for its queer-friendly values and a wide variety of things to do. Stockholm really is a perfect lesbian vacation destination.  

Sweden is one of the most LGBTQ friendly countries in the world 

Sweden has had a long history of LGBTQ acceptance. They legalized same-sex relationships in 1944 – for context the USA didn’t do that until 2003. Sweden legalized marriage equality in 1995 and has been actively working on transgender equality since 1972. Sweden is so accepting of the LGBTQ that queer values are built into the fabrics of Swedish society. Many clothing stores, bathrooms, and spas are gender-neutral. Swedes believe strongly in environmental conservation and value ecologically friendly minimalism – in both their style and their homes. 

Fika & Stockholm’s Cafe Culture 

Fika is an art form in Stockholm. Fika is a Swedish coffee break that’s usually served with one side of friendly banter and an even larger helping of cinnamon rolls. It’s so popular that it’s become built into the fabric of Swedish culture. You’ll find adorable coffee shops, cafes, and bakeries all over Stockholm for an authentic Fika experience.  Meg-Stockholm-lesbian-travel

Stockholm’s gorgeous waterways 

Stockholm is a city built on an archipelago surrounded by hundreds of islands that are connected via a series of bridges and waterways. Jump on a ferry and explore the waterways, city views, and unique vantage points. Once you’ve had enough, hop off the ferry and head over to the world-class Fotografiska center of contemporary photography. It’s a photography museum with sexy vibes and a rooftop bar with spectacular waterfront views. Grab a glass of champagne at the bar and tour the rotating exhibits.

Experience Stockholm’s underground queer kink scene

Stockholm has one of the world’s most accepting LGBTQ communities. If you’re looking to experience the kinkier side of Sweden you’ll find it at Club Wish. Club wish is a BDSM and fetish club for queer women and transgender people. You’ll need to buy a membership to attend most events but check their calendar for play parties, workshops, Pride, and other events. 

Eat ALL the Swedish Meatballs 

Swedish Meatballs are absolutely delicious. They’re by far my favorite food I ate while I was in Sweden. I loved them Meatballs to the People, the cutest but unpretentious little shop. Stop in for a lunchtime meatball and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for something a bit more upscale try the meatballs at Riche. Despite REALLY wanting to – I knew I couldn’t eat meatballs every single day while I was in Sweden so I opted for the smoked salmon from Luzette and the sushi from TAK. Stockholm Lesbian Couple

Explore Stockholm by Bike 

I loved HOBO because it felt cute and trendy without being pretentious. It’s a boutique hotel with hipster vibes centrally located to everything you’d want to see. I love HOBO’s new TOUR DE STOCKHOLM where guests can discover Stockholm on a bike. You head out to the archipelago or out into the wild in less than an hour. You get a picnic basket in the price so you don’t have to rush back to town when you get hungry. In keeping with the hotel’s hip insider guide, they have curated some gems that you can visit for the inside track to the city, or you just go around until you find your own favorite spot in the city.

Stockholm Lesbians’ Nightlife 

Stockholm’s lesbian bar scene is small but mighty. Check out Moxy Stockholm, the largest lesbian club in Sweden. It’s a younger dance club vibe but welcoming to all queer women and transgender people. Another option is The Secret Garden,  a mixed LGBTQ bar. Depending on what time of the day or night you visit, there are very different vibes. During the day you’ll find a chilled-out cozy bar with great wine and cocktail list. At night, expect more of a club scene with a fast-paced vibe, dancing, and rotating DJs.

Thank you to Stockholm LGBT for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are our own.

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