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10 Czech Republic LGBT Travel Tips

The Czech Republic looks like a country that’s been pulled from the plot line of a fairy tale but their values and ideals are far from old school. When we were asked to partner with Czech Tourism on this post we knew it was the perfect travel destination for our LGBT friends.

Czech Republic is LGBT Friendly

After joining the European Union (EU) in 2004, the Czech Republic introduced civil unions in 2006. Many local LGBT people in the Czech Republic would like to see full marriage equality in the next year. More than 35,000 people attended this year’s Prague Pride Week to vocalize their support for our community.

LGBT Tours of Prague

If you’re interested in learning some specifics about the LGBT community in Prague, Prague 4 Gay tours offer a bunch of activities for the LGBT community. The Czech Republic is beloved for its architecture and design, so sure Prague 4 Gay has a variety of historical, architectural and cultural tours to really give a perspective to what you’re seeing.  

Prague’s Thriving Street Art Scene

Street art has become something that we search out when we travel and Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic does not let us down here. They have a thriving street art scene showcasing pieces from some of the world’s best. Spending the day on a street art tour with plenty of stops for coffee along the way. Holešovice is the place to start this adventure with art galleries, restaurants and of course Instagram photoshoots. It’s also away from the traditional tourist attractions so you’ll be surrounded by fewer tourists.

Vinohrady District is a Hub of the LGBT Community

According to Taste of Prague, “Vinohrady is a district of affluence and beauty, with Art Deco houses and lush trees and beautiful parks overlooking either the center or other parts of the city.” It’s also known as Prague’s gay district and home to many of the well known gay clubs and coffee shops in town.

A bistro in Prague with a sign out front

Lesbian Bars in Prague

It appears that the death of the lesbian bar has hit the Czech Republic as well. Luckily, there’s Freedom Night which is the only party for LGBT women and nonbinary folks in Czech and Slovak Republic.  They dance, play and drink in Prague, Brno, Pilsen, and Bratislava every month and it’s worth checking out.

Enjoy a Czech Spa Day

Karlovy Vary or the area more commonly called Carlsbad is the Czech Republic’s most famed spa destination. The home to 13 main hot springs, incredibly well-preserved architecture and 18th-century charm this is an ideal stop for relaxation. I’m a sucker for a good massage and there are endless options here. The town invites its guests to drink the local thermal water. There are tons of spas here offering countless options for treatments and packages ranging from one service to a week full of treatments.

Czech Republic Spa

Traveling with Pets in Prague

Prague is often considered the most dog-friendly city in the world. LGBT People are obsessed with our pets and evidently, people in Prague are too. From high end “dog spa” style grooming to the abundance of parks and outdoor cafes. You’ll quickly realize that pets are treated as family members. Even if you don’t get the chance to bring your pup for some vacation pampering of their own you’ll enjoy the seeing all the happy pups. Or maybe like us you’ll constantly be saying “awww! Can we pet your dog?”

Czech out the Coffee Scene

The coffee scene in the Czech Republic is an art in itself. Cafe Q is a combination coffee shop, bar, and small gift shop catering to the LGBT community. If you’re slightly bougie and a design lover like us, you can’t miss La Boheme Cafe. It’s one of the most beautifully designed cafes I’ve ever seen. If you’d like to put together your own coffee shop tour, Czech out [okay okay I’ll stop] check out The Culture Trip’s Guide to their favorite Prague Cafes. How many cakes can you eat in an hour? Challenge accepted.

Apple Strudel with walnuts and rasins

Try some local Czech delights

Bring your appetite! If you’re looking to try the more traditional food, it’s not lite and it’s not helping you count calories. Goulash, fried cheese, schnitzel and Kuladja, a creamy potato-based soup. There’s also the sauerkraut, roasted pork and apple strudel similar to the Pennsylvania Dutch food of Lindsay’s childhood. There are few things Linds considered to be more “comfort food” than pork, sauerkraut, and potatoes. When we’re on the road we love to break up the courses of our meals so we can try different restaurants across a city. Appetizers and dinner at one spot dessert at another or some combinations of walking and eating.


Kayak in Cesky Krumlov

A lot of people visit Cesky Krumlov for the views. This UNESCO world heritage site is bursting at the seems with photogenic spots. You’ve gotta check out the castle which is actually the second largest in the Czech Republic. One of the coolest things available is kayaking on the river that flows around the city. If you’re visiting is in the summer its a must do.


This post was sponsored by Czech Tourism. As always, all opinions are our own.


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