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Putting Shame Off-Kilter

Sex should not be a taboo subject. Many of us queer folks didn’t grow up with proper sex education, let alone the ability to talk about it shame-free. What brings us pleasure shouldn’t be shameful. 

Of course, there are appropriate times to talk about sex, but in those times, people should feel free to talk respectfully about what they want to share, whether that be experiences, questions, or desires. Especially when talking with someone you’re going to have sex with, it’s important to feel comfortable enough to share what you like, dislike, boundaries, and maybe new things you’d like to try.

When it comes to trying new things in the bedroom, like BDSM, there can be stigma or fear attached that might stop people from feeling confident or able to express their wants. As long as it’s a safe and consensual experience, BDSM, or any type of play/technique, is not to be shamed. 

Insecurity can also come from not having the right products. They might feel cheap, look cheesy, and be uninspiring. It can be hard to know where to begin or where to find products that make you feel confident and comfortable, with quality you can trust. That’s where Kilter comes into play.

Kilter is a UK-based company that makes “luxury leather pleasure accessories” designed to make anyone feel comfortable and powerful. With sleek, high-quality, products made of vegetable-tanned leather and soft linings, Kilter has many options to choose from. 

The products are sorted on the website by categories of impact, restraint, and accessories. From wrist restraints to blindfolds and more, everything on the site is crafted with care. They even have collections for the beginner (The Starter Collection) and beyond. Kilter wants their products to be for anyone and to empower “everybody and every body.”

Not only does Kilter create amazing products, they also donate 5% of their gross profits to the Global Fund for Women, which aids in getting rid of gender injustice by giving funds to grassroots organizations. These funds help provide criss and innovation grants, fund movements like ones that strive to end gender violence, and use their platform to speak up when needed. 

If you’re looking for a brand that cares about quality and its customers, look no further than Kilter.

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