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Amtrak Increases Hiring of LGBT+ Employees Through Partnership with Out Professionals

Diversity in the workplace is a vital aspect of creating a safe and productive work environment. Out Professionals is a nonprofit organization determined to help LGBTQ+ professionals with networking and career opportunities.

Out Professionals

Out Professionals is dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ professionals and aspiring professionals in the United States with career development and advancement. They were founded in New York in 1983 and now have locations in Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Connecticut. Out Professional’s goals include cultivating a strong network of chapters in different cities that help LGBTQ+ professionals in their career journeys, as well as having virtual communities for areas with smaller populations.


Amtrak has been a popular train travel option for over 50 years. Serving over 500 destinations in the United States, this method of travel is efficient and high-quality. The partnership between Amtrak and Out Professionals gives Amtrak employees free memberships to Out Professionals, as well as help create a new chapter of Out Professionals in Washington DC. The membership grants access to networking events, career education, and more.

Amtrak can now hire employees from Out Professionals’ membership community, which will help them find new, skilled employees. This partnership “shows their [Amtrack’s] commitment to diversity and the LGBTQ Community as well as gives them face-to-face access to motivated, community-conscious professionals,” said Charlie Conard, President of Board of Directors at Out Professionals. 

It will help Amtrak gain valuable employees and increase diversity while also helping Out Professionals create more chapters of its important organization.

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